[asterisk-users] Manager events showing in CLI

Telium Technical Support support at telium.ca
Sun Mar 26 12:51:15 CDT 2017

I tried that but it had no effect.  Still see things like:


[2017-03-26 13:49:39] DEBUG[2088]: manager.c:5693 match_filter: Examining AMI event:

Event: SuccessfulAuth

Privilege: security,all

EventTV: 2017-03-26T13:49:39.407-0400

Severity: Informational

Service: SIP

EventVersion: 1

AccountID: 221essionID: 0x7fa0cc005cc8

LocalAddress: IPV4/UDP/

RemoteAddress: IPV4/UDP/

UsingPassword: 1



[2017-03-26 13:49:39] DEBUG[1882]: chan_sip.c:9196 __find_call: = Looking for  Call ID: 280f68000ff289291b366a1242530ce8 at (Checking To) --From tag as494dfc4b --To-tag 4155795028  

[2017-03-26 13:49:39] DEBUG[1882]: chan_sip.c:4419 __sip_ack: Stopping retransmission on '280f68000ff289291b366a1242530ce8 at' of Request 102: Match Found

[2017-03-26 13:49:39] DEBUG[1882]: chan_sip.c:6725 sip_destroy: Destroying SIP dialog 280f68000ff289291b366a1242530ce8 at

[2017-03-26 13:49:39] DEBUG[1882]: chan_sip.c:4275 __sip_autodestruct: Auto destroying SIP dialog 'cbf5d92f6844702b'

[2017-03-26 13:49:39] DEBUG[1882]: chan_sip.c:6725 sip_destroy: Destroying SIP dialog cbf5d92f6844702b

[2017-03-26 13:49:39] DEBUG[2088]: manager.c:6138 process_message: Running action 'Command'

[2017-03-26 13:49:39] DEBUG[1951]: manager.c:6138 process_message: Running action 'Command'


cli> manager set debug off


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