[asterisk-users] Having problem getting Asterisk to work on CentOS 7

Dan Cropp dan at amtelco.com
Wed Mar 15 11:40:56 CDT 2017

Thanks Jason.

I will try to explain what I'm seeing for this issue.

I did a fresh install of CentOS 7 Minimal into a VM with VMWare Workstation.  Followed the Asterisk from Source instructions using pjproject 2.6 and asterisk 13.14.0 for the configure, install, ...   At the end of the asterisk portion, I ran the make config which I understand installs the Initialization scripts.

After this, when I restart my CentOS 7 Minimal, I was seeing the safe_asterisk process, but asterisk would not start.  I could run it from the command line and it would run.

It was suggested that it's an selinux problem.  They had me try 'setenforce 0'.  After this, asterisk process starts running.
As I understand it, there was mention of using systemd instead of using safe_asterisk.
Other e-mails indicated I should look at the audit.log, so I included that information.  This audit.log mentioned astdb.sqlite3, so I wasn't sure if that's the problem.

I also just tried a restart and ran 'systemctl start asterisk'.  This did not start the asterisk process.

Through the various recommendations, I've become confused on what the correct path would be.  I have had zero problems with Debian and Asterisk for many years.  Making the change to CentOS.  Followed the instructions from asterisk.org, but for some reason I hit a problem with this on my CentOS VM.

Simply looking for guidance on what the correct approach to solve this problem is.

Have a great day!

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The history of the question is lost (in the mail thread) so I'll jump in based on what I could see in my recent mail and the subject line:

-        The ASTDB should have no impact on Asterisk service start (which I assume is the problem given the subject line)

-        If you disabled SElinux then that's not the problem in starting asterisk

>From another posting it appears that you can start Asterisk from the binary, and from safe_asterisk.  If that's correct, then are you able to start/stop Asterisk from the service file?  With CentOS7 that would be:

systemctl start asterisk

Is your asterisk service file present?  (You can create one easily based on samples on the internet).  If you have an asterisk service file but startup fails post the relevant portion of your syslog (journalctl).

If your question has changed (you mentioned 'the first problem') then ignore the above; jumping in late.

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