[asterisk-users] Simplest way of executing a non-blocking (async) python AGI script?

Jonathan H lardconcepts at gmail.com
Fri Jun 30 12:11:08 CDT 2017

I use a python AGI which pulls some info from a web service, which should
take half a second.

Sometimes, it takes 5-10 seconds which blocks the dialplan execution, but
the dialplan should continue immediately as it's not dependent on the
AGI/web service data.

What's the simplest, easiest quickest least-code way of firing off an AGI
with some variable, and then returning to the dialplan?

I've seen people talking about fastAGI, stasis, python ASYNC... all seems
rather complicated. I feel I must be missing something embarrassingly
obvious - isn't there just the equivalent of the unix shell's "&"?!


(I'm using pyst2 if it matters)
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