[asterisk-users] phpagi packages

Tzafrir Cohen tzafrir.cohen at xorcom.com
Thu Jun 29 05:49:32 CDT 2017

Hi all,

We packaged phpagi for Centos 7 and Debian 8 (though nothing
version-specific in those packages, I suppose).


* RPM: http://updates.xorcom.com/servers/ombutel/
* Deb: should soon be in http://updates.xorcom.com/servers/spark/

That said, packaging there has indeed been rather trivial.

The files are taken from https://github.com/welltime/phpagi/ that has
some 20 so commit commits on top of the version from
https://phpagi.sourceforge.net/ (sadly that git repository started from
an import of the files and does not preserve the history of the
Subversion repository[1]).

There is a separate fork from Sangoma / FreePBX
(https://github.com/sangoma/phpagi/ ), but it has changed more things
and thus AGIs written to use the original will fail.

I just wonder how many people do use this, given the staggering rate of
changes in it.

[1] That includes some 20 or so commits of its own, and begins with an
import of the files from CVS, ignoring the history in the CVS

               Tzafrir Cohen
+972-50-7952406           mailto:tzafrir.cohen at xorcom.com

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