[asterisk-users] OT: Explain where mailing list bouncing comes from ?

J Montoya or A J Stiles asterisk_list at earthshod.co.uk
Fri Jun 16 02:38:59 CDT 2017

On Thursday 15 Jun 2017, Tim S wrote:
> Whatever has been done, if anything, isn't working effectively.  At this
> point I'd like to see some response from the mailing list admin about any
> root-cause efforts, AFAIC this is starting to smear the Digium/Asterisk
> brand's ability to handle IT related issues...  No response = no confidence
> vote.

It's hardly Digium's fault, if Google have decided that playing nicely with 
syntactically-valid messages doesn't fit their business model  (which is to 
know everything about everyone; purely in order to push them the "right" 
advertisements, in spite of whatever uses less other actors with less benign 
intentions might make of this information, of course).  

The cure is to pay for a proper e-mail hosting service.  "Free" services such 
as Gmail are overpriced.


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