[asterisk-users] CallerId presence issue

Mike michael at virtutel.ca
Wed Jun 14 14:40:44 CDT 2017

Thank you - At first glance it seems to have done the trick.


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On Wed, Jun 14, 2017 at 10:18:19AM -0400, Mike wrote:
> I have a PRI coming in PBX_A and PBX_A is connected to PBX_B via SIP.
> PBX_A gets PRI calls on a 4 port Digium card, and each call naturally 
> has its own callerid values and presence.  I pass on those calls to 
> PBX_B via SI, and I'm trying to pass on this CALLERID info to PBX_B as
> My relevant dialplan snippet on PBX_A is:
> exten =>
> 1,1,Dial(SIP/pbx_b/5555555555,,f(${CALLERID(all)})u(${CALLERID(pres)})
> ))
> I'm clearly missing something to pass on the callerid presence state 
> via the SIP link, but I can't figure out what.

Never heard of this method, are you sure this works for SIP, sound more
like for ISDN (look at packet captures).

But the/a standardized method is to use the P-Asserted-Identity and
Privacy headers (rfc3325). This should work if you set in the peer configs
in sip.conf on both sides:

Or you can do header manipulation/getting/setting manualy if desired.

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