[asterisk-users] CallerId presence issue

Mike michael at virtutel.ca
Wed Jun 14 09:18:19 CDT 2017



I've run into a minor snag trying to pass on CALLERID presence from one
Asterisk to another via SIP (both running 13.16.0)


I have a PRI coming in PBX_A and PBX_A is connected to PBX_B via SIP.
PBX_A gets PRI calls on a 4 port Digium card, and each call naturally has
its own callerid values and presence.  I pass on those calls to PBX_B via
SI, and I'm trying to pass on this CALLERID info to PBX_B as well. 


My relevant dialplan snippet on PBX_A is:


exten =>


*the u() value being dynamically taken from the channel itself.


On pbx_b, I  have a simply verbose line like this:

exten => 5555555555,1,Verbose(1,Presence information :
${CALLERID(num-pres)} - ${CALLERID(name-pres)} - ${CALLERPRES()})



Here is my experience with this: whenever "prohib_not_screened" (tested
via a cell phone with hidden caller id info) is sent in the u() value of
the Dial application, pbx_b always gets "allowed_not_screened" as presence
state.    Short version: the callerid presence seems lost on the SIP link.
The callerid info isn't, name and number are fine.


I'm clearly missing something to pass on the callerid presence state via
the SIP link, but I can't figure out what.


Any help or hint would be appreciated.









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