[asterisk-users] RTP / NAT question with IPv6/IPv4 problem

Kevin Long kevin.long at haloprivacy.com
Tue Jun 6 14:57:36 CDT 2017


All my asterisk systems use only IPv4 currently.  I have one phone which is on T-Mobile network,  and this network is only IPv6 now.  

The phone can register fine, because T-Mobile does NAT64 and it connects fine to my IPv4 asterisk server. 

But in the SDP for a call setup,  this phone sends only an IPv6 address as a contact, so RTP fails.

I have nat=yes already set on this chan_sip extension, I thought this would ignore the IPv6 in the SDP and use the *apparent* IPv4 instead, but apparently not?

Any help appreciated, thanks all.

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