[asterisk-users] Extensions of sip trunk

Hans-Peter Jansen hpj at urpla.net
Mon Jun 5 11:10:50 CDT 2017


I just started with setting up a new asterisk system, that will operate on a 
sip trunk, but I wonder, how to transfer the calls to different extensions, 
because all calls appear as being send to the base number of the trunk.

E.g. given the trunk range of 1234567800-12345678099, a call to 1234567800 is 
matched by the same pattern as a call to 12345678099.

; matches 12345678099, too
exten => _1234567800,1,Dial(SIP/int)

Except from SIP invite with tcpdump:

INVITE sip:123456780000 at provider:5060 SIP/2.0
From: <sip:013579246800 at provider>;tag=as6bc7cbbc
To: <sip:1234567800099 at other:5060>

I wonder, if I really need to grab the extension with 
Set(DN=${SIP_HEADER(TO):5}) or something similar?

Another issue is, that I don't like asterisk to decline foreign INVITE 
requests. Any best practices from within asterisk on how to ignore SIP 
invitations, that don't match certain criteria (neither local nor from sip 

System: openSUSE 42.2, Asterisk 14.5.0

Thanks in advance,

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