[asterisk-users] Moving call DAHDI from channel X to Y.

Daniel Harper daniel at harper.net.nz
Sun Jul 30 20:34:18 CDT 2017

I am seeing the in the asterisk logs that channels (PRI ISDN)  are
being moved ..

[Jul 29 16:31:48] VERBOSE[16125] logger.c:     -- Moving call
(DAHDI/57-1) from channel 57 to 58.

I then see the moved channels with a "0:" in front of it.

[Jul 29 16:31:48] VERBOSE[26691] logger.c:     -- Hungup 'DAHDI/0:58-1'

Any ideas why this could be happening?

I believe these messages are coming from chan_dahdi.c and the
"pri_fixup_principle" function.



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