[asterisk-users] Pre-Dial Handler return something like GOSUB_RESULT?

John Kiniston johnkiniston at gmail.com
Tue Jul 18 18:49:55 CDT 2017

I'm messing around with pre-dialer handlers today and running into a wall.

Dial has the U option where I can execute a Gosub when the channels bridge
and there I can set the variable GOSUB_RESULT to BUSY to make Dial act like
the channel I called was Busy.

I want to do something similar with a Pre-Dial handler but don't see a way
I can Set a variable or return a value that will cause Dial to act like the
channel I called was Busy?

Use case:
Endpoint 100 calls Extension 101

Extension 101 has a Pre-Dial Handler that checks how many calls Endpoint
101 has in progress and if it's greater than X returns a Busy.

Dial acts like it got a Busy back from the Endpoint, Sets DIALSTATUS and
continues through it's dial-plan.

I've tried using the BUSY() Application inside my Pre-Dial handler.
I've tried sending BUSY back as a Value with Return() to be picked up in
I've tried setting DIALSTATUS to BUSY.

Am I trying to use the wrong tool for the Job here?

Related, Why can we have multiple Hangup handlers but not Pre-Dial handlers?
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