[asterisk-users] BLF sharing between Asterisk 11 and 13

Ryan, Travis RyanT at OscarWinski.com
Sat Jul 15 21:37:26 CDT 2017

I have servers setup in versions 11 and 13. Between two 11 servers, I had no issues sharing BLF, and assigning the hints on my Cisco 525G2 phones.

I've upgraded to 13 on one of these servers, and now can't share BLF. I get something like...

[2017-07-15 22:35:49] NOTICE[3483]: res_pjsip/pjsip_distributor.c:347 log_unidentified_request: Request from '"Travis Ryan" <sip:612 at YYY.XXX.com>' failed for '10.1.2.XXX:5060' (callid: 8c79c540-c0710f55 at 10.1.2.XXX) - No matching endpoint found

How do I make a server allow another extension on another server see it's BLF/Hints?
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