[asterisk-users] AMI column widths

Antony Stone Antony.Stone at asterisk.open.source.it
Sat Jul 8 03:16:19 CDT 2017

On Saturday 08 July 2017 at 07:15:08, Marcelo Terres wrote:

> There are no sip show channels on AMI. Also, the output that you sent is
> not a AMI output. Are u using AMI ou running commands on console?

I'm using AMI.

I have a connection to the Asterisk server on port 5038, initated with:

	Action: Login
	Username: xxxxx
	Secret: yyyyy
	Events: off

I receive back:

	Response: Success
	Message: Authentication accepted

I then issue:

	Action: Command
	Command: SIP show channels

and I get back:

	Response: Follows
	Privilege: Command
	Peer             User/ANR         Call ID          Format           Hold     
Last Message    Expiry     Peer

plus the data I quoted previously.

> Running commands on console and parsing the output is the worst way to
> obtain data, first because it is not easily parseable.

And also because it is very inefficient with connection setups, I believe.

> Second, it doesn't show you all data.
> Third, you can have these truncate problems, because that's not intention
> of CLI.
> Using proper AMI Actions you will probably achieve your goals
> https://wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/display/AST/AMI+Actions

Hm, I don't see anything there which will give me a list of the SIP channels 
currently in use - what command should I be using for that?



> On 7 Jul 2017 10:32 pm, Antony Stone wrote:
> Hi.
> I'm trying to get a list of the channels currently in use on an Asterisk
> server ( if it matters) over AMI.
> I send the command "sip show channels", and I get back a response along the
> lines of (* used to protect the innocent...):
> Peer             User/ANR         Call ID          Format           Hold
>  Last Message    Expiry     Peer
> *8.22.*0.34    02035644444      0221e874158bb62  0x4 (ulaw)       No
>  Tx: ACK                    SIPtrunkNu
> *.1*.19.70     (None)           2021549013484-1  0x0 (nothing)    No
>  Rx: OPTIONS                <guest>
> *.34.*.208     200101           712173267 at 192.1  0x4 (ulaw)       No
>  Rx: ACK                    200101
> *.1*.19.70     (None)           149831567021051  0x0 (nothing)    No
>  Rx: REGISTER               <guest>
> So, firstly, the "Call ID" column is clearly truncated, because it should
> show more than is indicated above,
> but more importantly for me, the "Peer" column is truncated, and what
> should show as "SIPtrunkNumber8"
> is only shown as "SIPtrunkNu".
> How can I get the full column widths of these items shown in the output?
> Note that it is not a solution just to say "don't call it
> 'SIPtrunkNumber8'; call it 'SIPtrunk8' instead", because
> this name has also been modified slightly to conceal the real name of the
> trunk, which is actually longer
> than "SIPtrunkNo8", but still with the most important information at the
> end.
> What I'm looking for is how to get the *full* details of all the channels
> shown.
> I have checked, and there is no "verbose" option to the "sip show channels"
> command.
> Thanks,
> Antony.

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