[asterisk-users] Options for bridging channels in a smart bridge

Jean Aunis jean.aunis at prescom.fr
Wed Jul 5 11:45:51 CDT 2017


I am struggling with a problem which I thought would be an easy one : 
bridging several channels together in a *smart* bridge. I emphasize 
*smart* : I want my bridge to be a native_rtp one when only two channels 
are involved, and switch to softmix technology when a third channel 
comes in.

I thought I could use ConfBridge for that, but it creates a bridge that 
is not smart (it is of type softmix even if two channels only are involved).

I can do this with ARI of course, but handling transfers will become 
quite difficult : I will receive replace_channels events, and channel 
optimization will not be performed. I managed to have something working 
this way, but I had to write a lot of code and some situations are very 
tricky to debug.

The easiest way I found was to write a piece if dialplan mixing 
BridgeWait, Bridge and BridgeAdd. This works well, transfers are handled 
by the Asterisk core, and the bridge is smart. Still, it requires to 
maintain a list of bridged channels in order to call BridgeWait, Bridge 
and BridgeAdd in the right order and with the right parameters.

Can you think of any other way (hopefully easier) to achieve this ?



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