[asterisk-users] How to send SIP_NOTIFY messages with variable content ?

Mark Wiater mark.wiater at greybeam.com
Wed Jan 18 09:13:27 CST 2017

On 1/18/2017 9:58 AM, Tech Support wrote:
> For reconfiguring SIP phones? Can you give an example or short 
> explanation?

One can send a SIP notify with a check-config to the phone and have the 
phone re-download it's configuration files from a provisioning server.

In the CLI, you can do a SIP NOTIFY with one of

     cisco-check-cfg, grandstream-check-cfg,  polycom-check-cfg, 
sipura-check-cfg, snom-check-cfg

and the extension.

I've done it with Yealink phones too, don't have the proper syntax in 
front of me though.


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