[asterisk-users] Replacing PBX during a call in progress

Patrick Labbett patrick.labbett at gmail.com
Thu Jan 12 11:39:42 CST 2017

Keepalived + heartbeatd allows you to maintain a a floating IP between two
machines. If those two machines had configs, internal state synced, and the
IP is configured to float automatically between the two based on which is
actively up, would it be possible to not drop a call should the active host
go down.

On Thu, Jan 12, 2017 at 12:21 PM A J Stiles <asterisk_list at earthshod.co.uk>

On Thursday 12 Jan 2017, Telium Technical Support wrote:
> This was asked many years ago but I thought I would check to see if things
> have changed.  Is it possible to take over a call in progress - using a
> replacement Asterisk server?
> In other words, if 2 user agents are connected through an Asterisk PBX,
> I tracked the call ID, IP of each UA (and anything else needed), could I
> remove the PBX and put a new one in its place (at the same IP address) and
> resume the call?  Somehow keeping the call up on the UA's and telling
> Asterisk to just resume a call given specified parameters (so the UA's
> wouldn't notice the change)?

I doubt there is any chance whatsoever of that working!  For a start, you
can't have two machines on the same subnet with the same IP address.  It
does not work.  And there is all manner of internal state that would have to
be replicated onto the new server.

When the clicky-clicky exchange in the village where I grew up was updated
System Y sometime in the early 1990s, all the phones went dead for about 30
minutes and calls in progress were cut off.


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