[asterisk-users] Can't comile bundled PJSIP on CentOS 7

A J Stiles asterisk_list at earthshod.co.uk
Tue Jan 10 05:05:06 CST 2017


On Tuesday 10 Jan 2017, Olivier wrote:
> Historically, I didn't use "install_prereq" but I also used it yesterday.
> As make fails with "[LD] libasteriskpj.o -> libasteriskpj.so.2" which is
> the first of its "kind", I still wonder
> if issue comes from libsrtp somehow, or from a missing option in
> ./configure (such as --prefix).

You said earlier that installing Asterisk and CentOS worked with a VM box that 
you set up.  Were they the same architecture?  Were you using all the same 
versions of everything?  Have you still got the image?  Fire it up and see 
what's different between the two.  (You can find out your kernel version, and 
whether you are running 32- or 64-bit, with `uname -a`.  I think the command 
to list all installed packages on an RPM-based system is `rpm -q -a`, but it 
was awhile ago since I used one.)


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