[asterisk-users] Saving endpoint statuses to database with pjsip and realtime

Joshua Colp jcolp at digium.com
Tue Jan 3 12:05:46 CST 2017

On Thu, Dec 29, 2016, at 03:43 PM, Anton Teyhrib wrote:
> Hi all,
> Is there any native way to save endpoint statuses to database?
> I use asterisk 13 with pjsip and realtime, and didn't found proper way.
> I read that there is config parameter in sip.conf: rtupdate=yes. But how
> can I do that with pjsip? Or I should use sip.conf with pjsip
> simultaneously.
> Or is there any kind of hooks, which allows make custom action on
> endpoint
> status change.
> Thanks.

Qualify status itself is only kept locally. Information about the
registered address and expiration time is kept as a contact in the
ps_contacts table. If you want to react based on stuff you can use AMI
to connect and receive events. What are you looking to achieve/do?

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