[asterisk-users] multiple outbound invites

Israel Gottlieb isrlgb at gmail.com
Wed Feb 22 12:22:19 CST 2017

Maybe your firewall is blocking receiving packets from that provider or some sip helper is messing the returning packets so asterisk is not recieving a response and resending the invite

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I have two upstream providers we use for US termination.  The dialplan 
sends calls out the "primary" and if that fails for specific reasons, it 
sends the same call out the "secondary". This has worked well for us 
when we are lazy about keeping balances up, for example.

Starting a few days ago ALL calls sent to the 'primary' were returned as 
busy, though the secondary terminated them fine.  We have a balance, and 
funny enough international calls are going through fine, just not US 
calls.  I opened a ticket.

The response form the carrier is that our asterisk is sending four 
simultaneous invites within one second, and for that reason the call is 

I did a packet trace and was able to confirm this is true - only US 
calls sent to this carrier cause our end to send four identical 
simultaneous invites.  When it fails, a single invite for the same call 
is sent to the secondary, which is terminated without issue.

Happy to send the SIP trace if any would care to see it, but is there a 
reason anyone can think of that our asterisk (11.11.0) would suddenly 
start doing this?  It may be that it has been doing it all along, and 
our carrier just started rejected calls that come in this way, I'm not sure.



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