[asterisk-users] How to read or relay SIP PUBLISH messages ?

Olivier oza.4h07 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 16 07:11:51 CST 2017


I'm currently testing a so-called VQ RTCP-XR feature from a a SIP hardphone.

When a phone has enabled this feature, it would send a SIP PUBLISH to its
SIP Server letting this server dispatch to whatever is needs to.

These messages are sent during calls but may also be sent when a call is

At the moment, I'm using Asterisk to serve these SIP phones so my Asterisk
box receives those SIP PUBLISH and discard them with a 489 Bad Event reply.

I'm not using or planning to use any Kamalio server.

1. Is there an Asterisk version that would allow me to read (and store) in
or out-of-band SIP PUBLISH messages from SIP phones ?
2. Alternatively, is there an Asterisk version that would allow me to relay
those messages somewhere ?
3. Would a Kamalio-like box allow me to do this ?
4. Suggestions ?

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