[asterisk-users] SIP host name resolution

Max Grobecker max.grobecker at ml.grobecker.info
Sat Feb 4 09:19:19 CST 2017


Am 03.02.2017 um 18:23 schrieb Steve Edwards:
> If I have a SIP endpoint defined in sip.conf using a host name instead of an IP address, do I have to reload sip to get Asterisk to 're-resolve' the host name if I change the IP address in my DNS?

Normally, Asterisk honours DNS TTL and will re-lookup hosts as soon as the TTL is expired.
If you can't wait for that to happen, you can enable the builtin DNS manager and configure a refresh interval for DNS records to expire.
See "dnsmgr.conf" for the latter one.

> Does the answer change if the host name in sip.conf resolves to a CNAME and I change the CNAME in my DNS?

Not as far as I know.
If you enabled SRV lookups for Asterisk, you may also want to check possibly existing SRV records for your host since Asterisk then looks them up first.


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