[asterisk-users] asterisk and Hyper-V

Tzafrir Cohen tzafrir.cohen at xorcom.com
Wed Dec 20 05:41:18 CST 2017

On Mon, Dec 18, 2017 at 10:22:33AM +0000, Kseniya Blashchuk wrote:
> To be honest we are a bit afraid to set 100% )), but we have tried to set
> 90% - no luck. I have also tested with 4.8 and 4.11 kernels - same results.
> I will try with Centos 6 and kernel 3.10 to check if something changes.
> VSwitch shows 1-2% load on the interfaces, and this host is not overloaded
> at all, so I don't think the VM has some lack of resources.

What indication do you have that the problem is with the kernel or
within the system?

If you call from Asterisk to itself (with no networking involved), is
there still distortion?

Consider making a conference of several local channels (Echo, Playback,
and whatever), and record whatever channel.

Ubuntu has a "lowlatency" kernel. Does it matter if you use that

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