[asterisk-users] [OT] Overview of Homer installation on Debian Stretch

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@1) Not on the host, as jessie is only used within the container but you may run it on a Stretch host of course.

@2) The HOMER API contains modules for mysql and postgresql. The Debian maintainers simply split the resulting packages into three subpackages (homer-api general parts, db parts for mysql, and db parts for postgresql). So if you plan on using mysql you do not have to install the postgresql package. The methodology is the same as for asterisk modules in Debian’s asterisk packages. You can simply choose to only install the parts you really need.

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Thanks Florian for replying.
1. I thought using Homer docker option required a Jessie setup.
Is it correct ?
2. Do you understand what homer-api-mysql package is for ?
After reading package's description on Debian stretch repo, it still keeps mystery to me.

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