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> On 14.12.2017 16:30, basti wrote:
> Hello,
> I am new on asterisk and do some tests on freepbx.
> I have 2 SIP provider:
> Provider1: In-/Out- Flatrate, only 1 Number
> Provider2: Incoming Flatrate, Outgoing Cost depend on destination, 3 
> On Asterisk site i have 3 phones
> (branch ??, don't know how its called in asterisk)
> Is it possible to do something like:
> Phone 1: Incoming Call: Number1/Provider1 Outgoing Call: 
> Phone 2: Incoming Call: Number1/Provider2 Outgoing Call: 
> Phone 3: Incoming Call: Number2/Provider2 Outgoing Call: 
> I have forgotten an essential thing:
> Phone2 und Phone 3 should use  Line Number1/Provider1 for Outgoing Call
> but show Number1/Provider2 or Number2/Provider2 on caller side.

If, and this is a big if, your provider 1 allows you to use a caller ID 
number that they do not control, then yes, you can do what you want. 

Some providers allow this and some do not. It may be that provider one 
will overwrite whatever you set as caller ID with the number you have 
purchased from them. It may also be that they will allow you to set a 
different outbound caller id. Also, the person receiving the call will not 
know if you have provider 1 or provider 2. It is purely the number and 
possibly a name that they will see.

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