[asterisk-users] Showing CallerID on multiple phones

Tomáš Holý holy at interconnect.cz
Mon Dec 11 08:22:14 CST 2017

What kind of phones are you using? To some phones you can push text dialog over HTTP/XML. 
Investigate this features, maybe it is what are you looking for.


Dne pondělí 11. prosince 2017 15:16:28 CET, Tech Support napsal(a):

    I certainly appreciate your response. In fact, I used that exact solution for three of the 
incoming lines. I setup ring groups and a silent ringtone for each phone. Unfortunately, the last 
incoming line is more complicated and uses an IVR with multiple input choices, so the solution is 
not as clear cut as for the other ones. That’s why I was trying to look at other options. 
Best Regards;
John V.
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I could be way off track but have you looked at ring groups.

Have all of the phones ring (maybe a mute or special ring tone, if this is possible) so that 
everyone on the list of extensions sees the incoming call.If no one picks it up by ring x, have it 
go to another phone or to voice mail.

https://www.freepbx.org/ring-group-and-follow-me-ring-strategies-1-of-2/[1]   might be useful.


On 08/12/2017 2:17 PM, Tech Support wrote:
    I have an interesting scenario where I have a small office with maybe half a dozen phones 
and several incoming lines. The calls are routed based on the DID that people call. What they 
would like is when a call comes in to a single phone to have all the phones show the CallerID. 
That way they can decide if they should pick up the call or not using call pickup. I’ve been 
looking at products such as the one from Camrivox that interfaces with different CRM packages 
or Outlook, but I was wondering if a way was available to show the calls on their phones.
Thanks in Advance;
John V.

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