[asterisk-users] Explain how to maintain a compiled from source Asterisk instance ?

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On Fri, Dec 8, 2017 at 8:08 AM, Olivier <oza.4h07 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> When compiling Asterisk from source, the classical ./configure, make and
> make install commands are issued.
> If a vulnerabilty is found within Asterisk code, then Asterisk source code
> is patched and depending on what files were touched parts or all of above
> commands need to be re-issued.
> What should be done for Asterisk runtime dependencies ?
> Which of the following sentences is or are correct ?
> 1. All Asterisk runtime dependencies are delivered as .so files. Is this
> correct ?

Generally, yes but not delivered by the Asterisk team of course.  There may
be exceptions such as libsrtp.  Some older distributions only provide an
outdated version so we recommend that you compile and install it yourself
from source.

> 2. I don't need to re-configure, re-compile or even re-start asterisk when
> a such .so file is updated

This really depends on the nature of the change.  Generally you don't need
to re-configure or re-compile but if the dependent library changed some
public API that clients like us rely on, asterisk may behave very badly if
if the steps aren't re-run.  As for re-start, you do need to re-start.  The
operating system takes care of loading dependent libraries that aren't
actually asterisk modules and they are usually held in memory until the
process using them ends.  If they weren't and you did a package update to
replace a shared library, every process using it would crash.

> 3. Script install_prereq gives an approximate list of both build and
> runtime dependencies.


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