[asterisk-users] AST-2017-006: Shell access command injection in app_minivm

Asterisk Security Team security at asterisk.org
Thu Aug 31 14:32:28 CDT 2017

               Asterisk Project Security Advisory - AST-2017-006

         Product        Asterisk                                              
         Summary        Shell access command injection in app_minivm          
    Nature of Advisory  Unauthorized command execution                        
      Susceptibility    Remote Authenticated Sessions                         
         Severity       Moderate                                              
      Exploits Known    No                                                    
       Reported On      July 1, 2017                                          
       Reported By      Corey Farrell                                         
        Posted On       
     Last Updated On    July 11, 2017                                         
     Advisory Contact   Richard Mudgett <rmudgett AT digium DOT com>          
         CVE Name       

    Description  The app_minivm module has an “externnotify” program          
                 configuration option that is executed by the MinivmNotify    
                 dialplan application. The application uses the caller-id     
                 name and number as part of a built string passed to the OS   
                 shell for interpretation and execution. Since the caller-id  
                 name and number can come from an untrusted source, a         
                 crafted caller-id name or number allows an arbitrary shell   
                 command injection.                                           

    Resolution  Patched Asterisk’s app_minivm module to use a different       
                system call that passes argument strings in an array instead  
                of having the OS shell determine the application parameter    

                               Affected Versions       
                         Product                       Release  
                  Asterisk Open Source                  11.x    All releases  
                  Asterisk Open Source                  13.x    All releases  
                  Asterisk Open Source                  14.x    All releases  
                   Certified Asterisk                   11.6    All releases  
                   Certified Asterisk                   13.13   All releases  

                                  Corrected In
          Product                              Release                        
    Asterisk Open Source               11.25.2, 13.17.1, 14.6.1               
     Certified Asterisk                11.6-cert17, 13.13-cert5               

                                SVN URL                               Revision  
   http://downloads.asterisk.org/pub/security/AST-2017-006-11.diff    Asterisk  
   http://downloads.asterisk.org/pub/security/AST-2017-006-13.diff    Asterisk  
   http://downloads.asterisk.org/pub/security/AST-2017-006-14.diff    Asterisk  
   http://downloads.asterisk.org/pub/security/AST-2017-006-11.6.diff  Certified 
   http://downloads.asterisk.org/pub/security/AST-2017-006-13.13.diff Certified 

    Links  https://issues.asterisk.org/jira/browse/ASTERISK-27103             

    Asterisk Project Security Advisories are posted at                        
    This document may be superseded by later versions; if so, the latest      
    version will be posted at                                                 
    http://downloads.digium.com/pub/security/AST-2017-006.pdf and             

                                Revision History
        Date           Editor                    Revisions Made               
    July 11, 2017  Richard Mudgett  Initial document created                  

               Asterisk Project Security Advisory - AST-2017-006
               Copyright © 2017 Digium, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  Permission is hereby granted to distribute and publish this advisory in its
                           original, unaltered form.

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