[asterisk-users] One-side Audio on Bridged Calls With Both Legs Crossing NAT Device

Vladimir Mikhelson vlad at mikhelson.com
Tue Aug 29 23:53:38 CDT 2017


Let me provide the details first:

  * Asterisk 1.8.32 on CentOS behind the NAT firewall
  * Two (2) SIP trunks with "canreinvite=no" and "directmedia=no"

If a call comes from either trunk and is bridged to a local extension 
there is never a problem with audio. The same is true for outbound calls 
on either trunk.

If an incoming call from Trunk A is forwarded to Trunk B there is a 
large percentage of the one-side audio calls.

Has anybody run into this kind of a situation?

Thank you,

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