[asterisk-users] What version of Linux?

Ira ira at extrasensory.com
Mon Aug 28 14:28:07 CDT 2017

Hello Asterisk,

I've been running CentOS since 2006 or so and support for the 32
bit version recently ended. CentOS no longer offers a 32 bit
version so I thought I'd try Fedora 26 as they have 32 bit and
support. Got it installed, then downloaded Asterisk 14.6.0 but
can't seem to get it built. The configure script fails with some
error about CPP not working correctly? I did discover that
kernel-devel was not installed so I fixed that but I'm still

Is the latest Fedora a good choice for an Asterisk box or should
I try something else. The machine is an Intel Atom board with a
Digium PCI analog board for my one last analog line.

I believe the board is limited to a 32 bit OS.

So two questions, is Fedora a good choice and if not, what
should I use for a machine running only Asterisk and Samba?

Is there a list of dependencies I need to install before
Asterisk will compile?

Thanks, Ira 

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