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Hey friend, 

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Marco Signorini

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You can  get a Master's  in  Psych without doing the  PhD.   However, keep in mind that  a PhD is a research degree, so that may  be what you want to  focus on.  You could potentially consider applying to programs that  allow some students to continue on to PhD after their masters - that  way,  if  you decide to continue to a PhD,  you won't have to retake classes, etc.

Many research positions (e.g.,  with the navy, for companies)  require  PhDs, but I'm  sure some hire  master's degree holders (I  know of  one  at  RAND,  for example). Also, you  could be  hired  as part of  another PI's research team, and non-profits or  county govts sometimes hire master's holders for research positions.  However, if you are passionate about research, it is  my  opinion that a PhD is the way to go.

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