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On a similar note, does anyone have any idea as to the total number of Asterisk installations out there?




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I have tried to find these in the past, best I came up with was using Shodan.io search


Looking for Asterisk I get:





United States                 12,914

Russian Federation       3,173

Brazil                               2,356

United Kingdom             2,305

Germany                        2,218

Canada                           2,119

Japan                             1,648

France                            1,404

Ukraine                           971

Australia                         782

China                               528

Belgium                           407

United Kingdom             367

Columbia                        361

Argentina                       308

Sweden                           207

Mexico                             201

South Africa                   190

Turkey                             160

Philippines                      157

Kazakhstan                     147

Thailand                          112

New Zealand                  103

Iran                                  101

Peru                                91

Greece                            72

Venezuela                      45

Morocco                         26

Nigeria                            21

Saudi Arabia                  20

Kuwait                             17

Mongolia                         17

Other                          8,488



Not a complete list, and only for PBXs identifying as Asterisk, not FreePBX etc


Hope this helps.


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Are there any stats on where Asterisk is downloaded from based on the

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