[asterisk-users] Howto build Asterisk 14 on debian stretch with cdr_odbc

Pierre Couderc pierre at couderc.eu
Sat Apr 22 09:32:30 CDT 2017

This is a summary of my experience. The point is installing unixodbc 
before asterisk.

Install debian packages needed for asterisk  :

apt install build-essential libxml2-dev libncurses5-dev  uuid-dev 
libjansson-dev libssl-dev wget   sqlite3 libsqlite3-dev

Install debian packages for ocbd for asterisk (here postgresql):

apt install libltdl-dev libltdl7 unixodbc-dev unixodbc libodbc1 
odbc-postgresql odbcinst

Then install and test your odbc asterisk connector with isql for exemple.

Then follow instructions from 

Do not forget to install logrotate mechanism.

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