[asterisk-users] best kernel for Asterisk

Daniel-Constantin Mierla miconda at gmail.com
Wed Apr 19 06:08:24 CDT 2017


On 19.04.17 09:57, marek cervenka wrote:
> hi,
> what kernel version are you using for asterisk?
> are you satisfied with distro kernel (centos 6 2.6.32, centos 7 3.10,
> ...) ?
> are you using newer kernels from elrepo.org?
> which kernel features are most critical for Asterisk performance pattern?
I prefer to work with the standard kernel from the distro (using debian)
for security reasons, unless there is a team in the company with very
good kernel tuning knowledge. Probably one can squeeze some more
performances with a custom kernel build, but in long time that typically
becomes a maintenance nightmare.

If needed, you can instead aim for horizontal scaling by deploying a
farm of Asterisk systems with a sip proxy load balancer in front of it
(well, I could be a bit biased, because I do work mostly with the
kamailio sip proxy). Anyhow, to cut it straight, standard distro kernel
worked fine for the deployments I was involved in.


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