[asterisk-users] Commit dialplan & other config. in memory to disk?

John Novack jnovack at comcast.net
Thu Apr 6 07:40:20 CDT 2017

Nathan Anderson wrote:
> 'lo,
> So yesterday, one of our clients had the misfortune of having the disk that their Asterisk config (*.conf) was stored on take a dirt nap.  Of course, Asterisk was still running at the time, and everything continued to work (except for voicemail, which was stored on the same disk) right up until I shut down Asterisk to investigate what was going on.  Because the disk was dead, though, I couldn't start Asterisk back up after that, and OF COURSE the backups were not firing off correctly so now we are faced with regenerating the config again (including dialplan) from scratch.
> In the future, if I were to ever run into a similar situation, is there any way to request or instruct Asterisk to write the current dialplan that is in memory and other important config files (e.g., users.conf) to disk in a *different* location than where it originally read them from when it started up?  I could have saved myself a crap-ton of work if this were possible...
> Thanks,
> -- Nathan
Isn't this a task for Linux and a cron job rather than asterisk?
Simplest thing would be to copy to another machine even off site, all the confs and whatever else would help you resurrect a machine more quickly.
Backups not "firing off correctly"  means what?

When changes are made to the dialplan a copy off site or at least off machine is in order

I run a cron job every early morning to do just that as well as the MySql data files so if need be I can recreate a machine and have call records and whatever not more than a day stale.

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