[asterisk-users] Commit dialplan & other config. in memory to disk?

Nathan Anderson nathana at fsr.com
Thu Apr 6 04:54:25 CDT 2017


So yesterday, one of our clients had the misfortune of having the disk that their Asterisk config (*.conf) was stored on take a dirt nap.  Of course, Asterisk was still running at the time, and everything continued to work (except for voicemail, which was stored on the same disk) right up until I shut down Asterisk to investigate what was going on.  Because the disk was dead, though, I couldn't start Asterisk back up after that, and OF COURSE the backups were not firing off correctly so now we are faced with regenerating the config again (including dialplan) from scratch.

In the future, if I were to ever run into a similar situation, is there any way to request or instruct Asterisk to write the current dialplan that is in memory and other important config files (e.g., users.conf) to disk in a *different* location than where it originally read them from when it started up?  I could have saved myself a crap-ton of work if this were possible...


-- Nathan

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