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    We’ve been using Nagios and a lot of customizations for the plugins for several years now to monitor over 1,000 metrics on each of our PBX’s. We’re in the process of GPL’ing the Asterisk plugins now. That gives us our core monitoring, notifications, event handlers, etc. To put it all together, instead of the standard static rrdtool graphs, which we thought would be a bottleneck and limit us, we’ve implemented a dynamic dashboarding system that we use to display the relevant data and to trivially create new dynamic dashboards in a matter of seconds. There is definitely no shortage of monitoring and NMS systems out there, but for us, we pretty much built this to monitor our Asterisk PBX’s. If you want to take a look at what we use, contact me offline.


John V.

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Hello all,

The question isn't directly related to Asterisk, but I'm looking for recommendations

for a monitoring tool to monitor the health of Asterisk instances running in Production.

Ideally, the tool should be able to generate monitoring traffic (OPTIONS ping or INVITE),

use the response/no response from Asterisk to store the health of an Asterisk instance running 

somewhere in the DB.



Nitesh Bansal

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