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For service monitoring you can use tools like sipsak in combination with
Zabix or Zenoss. Also using Zenoss or Zabix you can monitor the health of
your servers. This way you have both top-down and bottom-up monitoring. For
monitoring call quality you can use tools like VoIP Monitor (it is not


On Tue, Sep 27, 2016 at 12:03 PM, Nitesh Bansal <nitesh.bansal at gmail.com>

> Hello all,
> The question isn't directly related to Asterisk, but I'm looking for
> recommendations
> for a monitoring tool to monitor the health of Asterisk instances running
> in Production.
> Ideally, the tool should be able to generate monitoring traffic (OPTIONS
> ping or INVITE),
> use the response/no response from Asterisk to store the health of an
> Asterisk instance running
> somewhere in the DB.
> Thanks,
> Nitesh Bansal
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