[asterisk-users] Ast 13.11.2 : bridgepeer variable empty ?

Ludovic Gasc gmludo at gmail.com
Mon Sep 19 18:29:21 CDT 2016

Hi Matt,

Thank you for your explanation, it's clear to me.

Nevertheless, it doesn't help me in my use case: I'm trying to collect all
SIP callid and store that with cdr_adaptive_odbc.
The business use case is to link Asterisk CDRs with logs from our operators
via their API and our capture tool to give an access in our GUI.

I retrieve easily SIP callid of caller, but not easily for the callee.
For now, the best I have is to use the b option in Dial application and
take that via a subroutine with:
same  =   n,ExecIf($[${LEN(${SIPCALLID})} >
same  =   n,ExecIf($[${LEN(${SIPCALLID})} =

It works, only if the remote party answers. If not, I don't retrieve callid.

Somebody has an idea with dialplan ? My B and C plan is to poll current
channels via asterisk or to intercept callids with a kamailio, but it seems
a little bit overkill, at least to me.

Thanks a lot for your answer.

Have a nice week.

Ludovic Gasc (GMLudo)

2016-09-19 22:57 GMT+02:00 Matthew Jordan <mjordan at digium.com>:

> On Mon, Sep 19, 2016 at 8:34 AM, Jonas Kellens <jonas.kellens at telenet.be>
> wrote:
> > Hello
> >
> > I can confirm that the variable DIALEDPEERNAME contains the information
> that
> > I would expect in the variable BRIDGEPEER.
> >
> > But I read nowhere that DIALEDPEERNAME has replaced BRIDGEPEER as of
> > Asterisk version 13 ?!
> >
> > So if this is not the intention, then yes this is probably a bug and
> should
> > be reported.
> >
> It's intentional.
> The BRIDGEPEER variable is set to the parties that you are bridged
> with at that moment in time. As participants enter/leave a bridge, the
> BRIDGEPEER variable gets set (up to some somewhat reasonable number).
> When a channel leaves a bridge, it is removed from the BRIDGEPEER
> list.
> You can imagine then why the BRIDGEPEER variable isn't typically set
> any longer when you are in the 'h' extension - the participants all
> left.
> Why did this change occur?
> In Asterisk 12+, all bridging in Asterisk happens using a flexible
> bridging framework. That framework accommodates not just two-party
> bridges, but multi-party bridges as well. In fact, all bridges can be
> turned into a multi-party bridge simply by adding additional channels.
> That flexibility is pretty nice, and enables some pretty interesting
> features. Unfortunately, it also makes the value of BRIDGEPEER
> somewhat hard to predict. It's not hard to create a scenario where the
> value of BRIDGEPEER - if we didn't remove parties that left a bridge -
> becomes completely arbitrary.
> So what is BRIDGEPEER good for?
> It's pretty useful if you're building applications on top of Asterisk
> outside of the dialplan. For example, using AMI, you can query that
> channel variable to get a snapshot of who all you are in a bridge with
> at that point in time.
> Why wasn't DIALEDPEERNAME not affected in a similar fashion?
> Mostly because dialling is still 'atomic' from the perspective of the
> dialplan. When Dial ends, you presumably didn't perform 10 other dials
> while that application was executing. Bridging isn't that way; phones
> have the ability to manipulate the bridge themselves outside of
> Asterisk's control (via attended transfers).
> Matt
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