[asterisk-users] Get Realtime extension matched entry ID

Max Grobecker max.grobecker at ml.grobecker.info
Mon Sep 5 12:23:01 CDT 2016


is there a possibility to get (by dialplan variable?) the entry ID of  
the realtime extensions table,
that matched the current call?

For example (simplified):

ID ----- exten
1        +49123456
2        _+49555.

If I receive a call on +49123456 this surely works with REALTIME_FIELD  
and ${EXTEN} as matching field value.
But for ID 2 in ${EXTEN} the full dialed number is stored, so I would  
never find a matching field in the database using this way.

Is there any way to get the ID field of the current channel or at  
least a variable, where the unexpanded matched "exten" pattern is  
stored (i.e. the "_+49555.")?
I just need something unique to find the dialed extension in the table...


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