[asterisk-users] How to FAX - mostly solved

D'Arcy J.M. Cain darcy at Vex.Net
Mon Sep 5 11:04:25 CDT 2016

On Sun, 4 Sep 2016 10:23:06 -0400
"D'Arcy J.M. Cain" <darcy at Vex.Net> wrote:
> The docs for faxing seem a little light but I think I have managed to
> put something together.  It mostly works but I have a couple of
> issues.  The main one is identifying myself.  Setting CALLERID doesn't
> seem to have any effect.

For future searches here is my fix.

> How this works is that I have a script that calls Asterisk through
> AMI,  It defines a number of variables and does an originate.  It
> looks something like this:
> Action: Originate
> Channel: SIP/thinktel/%%(destination)s

I added the following:

CallerID: %%(sender_name)s <%%(sender_num)s>

>   same => n,Set(CALLERID(NAME)=${sender_name})
>   same => n,Set(CALLERID(NUM)=${sender_num})
> ; attempting to set caller ID but it doesn't work

Not needed or used.  The CallerID in the AMI script fixes this.

>   same => n,Set(FAXOPT(headerinfo)=${sender_name})
>   same => n,Set(FAXOPT(localstationid=${sender_num})
> ; another attempt to identify ourselves

I believe that this is still useful for adding info to the fax pages.

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