[asterisk-users] Multiple phones when one is unregistered

Andrew Ruthven andrew.ruthven at catalyst.net.nz
Sat Sep 3 02:51:12 CDT 2016

On Thu, 2016-09-01 at 10:36 -0700, Dave Platt wrote:
>> Things can become more complicated in a couple of situations:
> (1) If one of the SIP users you specify isn't actually a SIP
>     endpoint device, but is a SIP identity on another system (PBX
>     or VoIP provider or etc.), then you really don't have any control
>     over how that endpoint would handle situations where the called
>     user isn't available.  The endpoint might answer with *its*
>     voicemail, immediately.
> (2) If you were to dial a Local/ destination rather than a SIP/
>     destination, then that dialing operation *is* run back through
>     your dialplan, and it might divert the call to voicemail
> instantly.

Another option is what I've had happen recently. I have my main number
dial all the phones in my house, including an old Cisco 7905 that on
busy or no answer would send back a 302 redirect to extension 8000 -
VoiceMail. To make matters worse inbound callers would be dumped into
VoiceMail as though they'd entered it from internally, rather than

While I tried various different ways on the Cisco to stop that
behaviour, I found the only solution was to tell the Dial() command to
ignore the 302 by adding the i flag. Problem solved.


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