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Joshua Colp jcolp at digium.com
Mon Oct 17 16:44:39 CDT 2016

Matt Riddell wrote:
>> On 17/10/2016, at 4:07 PM, Joshua Colp <jcolp at digium.com
>> <mailto:jcolp at digium.com>> wrote:
>> Matt Riddell wrote:
>>>> On 17/10/2016, at 3:43 PM, Luca Pradovera <luca.pradovera at gmail.com
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>>>> <mailto:luca.pradovera at gmail.com>> wrote:
>>>> I have been working on designs for two different projects, where both
>>>> of them would need to use the IBM Watson streaming ASR service.
>>>> Would it be possible to write out the audio frames as they get
>>>> recorded? Watson supports 16 bit signed little endian audio, IIRC, but
>>>> there are a few other raw formats available.
>>> That's the main problem I was discussing at AstriDevCon. There's no way
>>> currently to stream the frames to a service.
>>> At the moment I'm saving to a file and then sending that file once
>>> recording has finished.
>> The UnicastRTP channel driver allows you to send RTP to a specific
>> target address with media. Combined with Chanspy (or Snoop channels in
>> ARI) you can duplicate audio from a channel and send it off to where
>> you want.
> So originate a new channel, make one leg a UnicastRTP and the other a
> chanspy to spy on the channel you're interested in transcribing?

Theoretically, yes. Orchestrating stuff could get complicated but that 
is a way to get media out.

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