[asterisk-users] Surfing the web via Asterisk.

Jonathan H lardconcepts at gmail.com
Mon Oct 17 09:00:42 CDT 2016

Has anyone attempted making the web phone accessible? I can only find one
company which operated between 1996 and 2000.

I was thinking, install Chrome with Chromevox, headless, on a server, and
use something like an AGI to send basic keyboard commands to navigate a
page, as a screenreader user would, and pipe the audio back to a channel,
to be streamed by Asterisk.

(Bear with me here - it's a project for blind people involving a telephone
and some lateral thinking!)

And yes, I mean more than just CURL a page, tts it and then read. I'm
talking about using the keypad to navigate the headers and landmarks. There
are just enough keys to make it viable.

Of particular interest is the very high quality of the Chromevox
screenreader voice from Google.

Does such a framework exist? I'm aware of a project called Chromium
Headless, but some of the links are broken and it doesn't seem to have the
audio/extension part

Failing headless, what about running it on a vps in an x-window
environment? Not sure how I'd pass the keyboard presses to it, without
using a keyboard...

Any ideas, or is the whole idea complete madness? Thanks!
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