[asterisk-users] Asterisk 13.11.2, 13.11.1, 13.10.0 and certified-13.8-cert3 : freeze on 'sip reload'

Joshua Colp jcolp at digium.com
Tue Oct 11 07:44:28 CDT 2016

Jonas Kellens wrote:
> Hello
> I am experiencing a freeze of the Asterisk proces when issuing a 'sip
> reload'.
> I have this issue every time on asterisk versions : 13.11.2, 13.11.1,
> 13.10.0 and certified-13.8-cert3.
> I do not have this on versions certified-13.8-cert2,
> certified-13.8-cert1 and asterisk
> The only solution is a cold restart of Asterisk.
> I can execute any command on CLI except 'sip reload'.

This doesn't ring a bell on any issues filed or any posts anywhere. 
Getting a backtrace[1] would show precisely where it is hanging though. 
Is it possible a host is having DNS issues? That can cause chan_sip to 
lock up for a period of time.


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