[asterisk-users] Conference Call like conference done by mobile!

Mandar Khire khiremandar at gmail.com
Wed Oct 5 23:46:09 CDT 2016

Thanks for reply.
For use confbridge I follows link http://www.mytechrepublic.com/?p=418
By it I manage to create Conference room & add members to it.
But each member has to dial conference Number.
In my scenario Only first person dial second person's number.
If Person1 has 6001, Person2 6002, person3 has 6003 & so on,
Then In confbridge as per given link example Person1 dial 1030, then
person2 dial 1030, then person3 dial 1030 & so on for conference call.
But In my scenario Person1 dial 6002, then make it hold, then dial 6003 &
then merge call.
Is it depend on softphone functionality or we need to write something in
some conf file?
Can we do it some how?
I tried it on mobile & I can make conference with 6 friends means total 7
people talk to each other without dial any conference number.


Mandar P. Khire
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