[asterisk-users] Adding a pause when transfering a call

Stefan Becker becker at yukonho.de
Sun Oct 2 12:17:47 CDT 2016

On Sat, 1 Oct 2016, Tech Support wrote:
> in programming a speed dial key to dial *2101, which is failing. The only
> thing I can think of is that the speed dial key is dialing the string too
> fast and Asterisk sees it as <*2101> instead of <*2><101> which fails. How
> do other people get around this? 

I had spent a good year looking at "failed dialing" problems that I
might have been able to solve if the timing had been differant.
My solution wasn't in adding a pause in the dial string but rather
in the way Asterisk processes execution of it's Dial-Plan.

Look at: for a detail of a post I sent a while back


>In short, adding the line: 
> > overlapdial=yes
>in chan_dahdi.conf changed everything!!

Depending on the channel your using: this might fix your problem.

good luck,


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