[asterisk-users] Asterisk 11.24.1 garbled audio

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>How can I double check which timer is currently is use in a running system
>core show settings doesn't tell anything, if I'm not mistaken.

How about

module show like timi


I use DAHDI timing, and this command on my system it shows:

module show like timi <enter>
Module                         Description                              Use
res_timing_dahdi.so            DAHDI Timing Interface                   147
1 modules loaded

To get this in my modules.conf I specify (among other things):

load => res_timing_dahdi.so
noload => res_timing_pthread.so
noload => res_timing_timerfd.so

I'm using, but should apply to you as well.

Using DAHDI timing as I have had extensive problems under a heavily loaded
system with both pthread and timerfd timing.

Not sure if this still applies on your more recent Asterisk version though,
but anyway - this is how you should be able to see what timing is being used
on a running system.



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