[asterisk-users] iaxmodem errors.

Victor Villarreal mefhigoseth at gmail.com
Fri Nov 11 16:55:00 CST 2016

Hi John!

I'm not sure why are you using iaxmodem... I use it  a few years ago with
Asterisk 1.4

In Asterisk v11 fax is managed  using res_fax. Please see

You only need download, compile and install the spandsp lib for your distro
(fax depend  on it) and then recompile Asterisk (if you don't have this
resource module already).

We currently receive fax via g.711 ir SIP (via T.38), convert it into PDF
and send via email. All  with Asterisk v11 and OpenSource software. I can
send you our scripts if you want.

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