[asterisk-users] Problem "re-parking" calls

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Tue Nov 8 11:23:36 CST 2016


    I have a problem with regards to "re-parking" calls and I was hoping
someone could shed some light on the topic. Consider this scenario:


(1) An inbound call comes in and the attendant answers it

(2) The attendant places the call on hold and the caller is sent to
extension 701

(3) Blah, blah, blah. The attendant does something and tells John Doe to
pick up the call on extension 701

(4) The attendant then picks up the call on 701 and tells the person that
John Doe will be right there to help them

(5)  The attendant then re-parks the call but now the caller is sent to 702

(6) John Doe can't find the call anymore



Is there something obvious that I am missing? Has anyone else found this to
be a problem? Any insight at all would be greatly appreciated.


John V.



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