[asterisk-users] Just got defrauded - how do I block calls which contain a dash (RegEx noob question)

Steve Howes steve-lists at geekinter.net
Tue Nov 1 08:54:52 CDT 2016

On 28/10/16 16:38, Markus wrote:
> I'm using Asterisk2Billing (v2.0.16) and it appears to have an 
> annoying bug. When there are rates for e.g. 44 (UK landline) and 44870 
> (UK premium) and a fraudster manages to somehow dial 44-870 instead of 
> 44870 the rate for 44 will match, not the one for 44870.

44 is *not* UK landline, you shouldn't even have a rate for it. 44 is 
the country code. A (very) brief summary is:

441 Landline
442 Landline
443 Landline (at least for billing)
447 Mobile
4470 Personal rate (rarely used, expensive)
44800/8 Freephone
4484/5 Special Services Lower Rate
4487 Special Services Higher Rate
449 Premium rate

Having a correct rates table / normalising and validating your inputs 
(as in FILTER) would both have potentially stopped the attack.


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